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One of the most fascinating areas of digital and creative fused marketing over the last few years has been the advancement of all things personalisation for audiences in sport and entertainment.

As brands and rights holders have doubled down on efforts not just to reach, but go the extra mile to captivate their target consumers, new and innovative digital solutions have followed suit.

I mean, putting yourselves in the shoes of a fan or customer, it doesn't get any better, does it? A team, organsisation or a brand you love not only communicate with you on a more frequent and relevant basis than ever before, but they can talk directly to you, if they so desire.

And no, I'm not talking about a cold call on a midweek lunchtime offering me tickets to the next fixture. Or even sending me a weekly email newsletter of customer-wide discounts.

I'm talking personalised digital content delivered to my device based on what brands or know what I want, based on what I've bought, retweeted, watched or even eaten over a period of time. I'm talking lip-sync technology that sees sports stars speaking to me without ever having had to physically say my name. How a brand rewards me for my loyalty and activity on an exclusive basis. Plus the ever more effective retargeting and delivery of purchase options based on activity across platforms.

Overlaying creative ideation with a CRM that pulls in thousands of data points is really allowing brands to move the needle with regard to next-level outrach. They can tell me what I like and want, sometimes even better than I can!

Take this Tesco clubcard digital campaign below, as an example. One content production day, of which over 1000 bespoke edit combinations are then pulled together via digital tagging techniques, which are then all collated and pinged out to clubcard customers with the version that is most relevant to that individual person - based on what they've bought, spend and do elsewhere in their lives.

Then there's plays that capitalise on fan passions and merge them with digital tech to create sharable, fun experiences. This Walkers activation allows users to put words in the mouth of man-of-the-moment Lionel Messsi (within reason) and send to their friends as it appears Messi addresses them directly, telling them to 'enjoy the game this evening'.

Ok, it's maybe that one step removed from genuine one-on-one personalisation, but it gives a flavour (pun absolutely intended) of what's achievable.

Then there's localisation of content. The opportunity to reap rewards from exclusive content through to discounts depending where I am in the world. I recently took a long weekend trip down to Padstow (yep, gotta love Rick Stein) and was served this (image right) on my social feed within minutes of crossing a geo-targeted boundary. It's pretty simple in theory, yet so effective because of its top-notch creative and feeling of exclusivity it gives. And in Budwiser's case, a tactic to amplify a CSR message on a local scale when important people are in town.

I know what you're thinking. Yes, I did then have a bud or two later that evening!

Digital personalisation is happening everywhere, sometimes when you don't even realise. Brands have long been channelling efforts to build a complete view of their customer base through broad tech and insights tools, not only to better shape what they can offer you and drive added revenue, but how they better shape significant decisions for the brand that affect other verticals of the organisation, such as who they strike commercial partnerships with.

And now, they can even give YOU the opportunity to shape brand decisions. The recent rise in fan tokens at different sports teams is a case in point. It allows for everything from exclusive competition entry to being part of the actual decision making process for the club you love. Again, not necessarily one-on-one personalisation, but tactics that make audiences feel that similar sense of belonging and culture.

At AND THE NEW, we're putting ourselves in the thick of the action by scoping and executing similar plans for clients and, of course, pitching a range of things in this space to new prospects. The themes of personalisation and exclusivity are on an upward trajectory. Catch-all digital marketing campaigns will always have a place, but the opportunity to reach the very individuals you want and drive anything from subscriptions to perpetual purchase decisions through technology is obtaining more and more focus.

AND THE NEW is a creative digital marketing agency built to help brands in sports, entertainment, and gaming grow, monetize, convert s or engage their target audience all while building brand and cultural equity for long-term growth.


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