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Our audience growth campaigns are broken down into key sections: defining the target audience, developing engaging and relevant content, producing both quality and quantity (relevance can’t be achieved with one single video or article!), and distributing that content directly to your desired target audience.

Our focus on long-term brand building builds engagement and loyalty, whilst our tactics on targeting and distribution spread the word far and wide, allowing new fans or customers to enter your world.

Understanding your target audience

We know what you want: more fans, more customers, more advocates. We help you find and engage them in the best way. Our data intelligence suite connects consumer and fan survey reports, social listening, and real-time social engagement data to understand what your audience truly care about.

Always-on content is key

As fans, we want more. More content of our favourite team, league, or event. Building an always-on approach to content is crucial if you’re focused on audience growth. Without it, you’re limiting yourself to spikes on the calendar out of your control.

In-the-moment relevance

Leveraging the key moments in your calendar is crucial, whether that’s matches, tournaments, or seasonal shopping events. This is the moment of highest conversation. We’ll help you capture this conversation and relevance in the best way. 

Content that pushes boundaries

When it comes to growing an audience, we want consumers to invest their most valuable commodity –time. We create content that pushes boundaries to excite and inspire the target audience. Content that they WANT to invest their time into absorbing. 

A clear call to action

Delivering a clear CTA that outlines what you want people to do is crucial. From following on social media through to signing up to an email database, we make clear the values and benefits and encourage them to join the party.

Hyper-targeted digital media distribution 

Our digital distribution ensures your target audience sees and acts upon your content, utilising our experience in paid social campaigns, Search (SEO and SEM), and other Performance Marketing channels.


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