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Do you ever see those awesome digital campaigns that just simply get everywhere and drive eye-watering levels of reach and awareness for the brand behind it all? Well that can be you!

At AND THE NEW, generating digital marketing campaigns that capture attention, make a splash, and lead to fantastic results that get our clients noticed is in our DNA. But we’re not just focused on big numbers (although they are always nice!); a successful awareness campaign is focused on driving awareness amongst your exact target audience. You know this. We know this. And that’s what we deliver.


Understanding your target audience 

Your audience needs to be at the heart of all content. Our data intelligence suite connects consumer and fan survey reports, social listening, and real-time social engagement data to understand what your audience truly care about. and how they respond to certain messages. 

Content that inspires and engages

When driving towards top-of-funnel objectives, content should be focused on engaging your audience, inspiring them, and building trust. We build creative campaigns that your audience LOVES to watch and share. 

Content creation and production

From built-for-platform snackable video content through to fully immersive web-based augmented reality experiences or reoccurring series, our production teams and graphic studio are boss-level when it comes to physical content creation.

Highly effective content distribution

To drive real ROI, just as much care and attention needs to go into the content distribution phase as the production. With our experience in paid social campaigns, Search (SEO and SEM), and other performance channels,, we make sure your target audience sees the message and is inspired to share it with their circles of influence.


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